SHOT Michael Smith Achieve – Steel Tip Darts


Designed, crafted and perfected by Shot Dartisans for PDC World Champion Michael Smith. Centre weighted barrel has what it takes to win. The MSB signature laser is your seal of authenticity. Wide rings inlaid with red mill cuts sit behind the smooth nose for superior traction. Precision-cut black rings converge at the center, clearly defining the edges of the front and rear grip zones; for finger placement that won’t wander. At the rear, wide rings cut over clean tungsten add another reference point.

Flight: Achieve 100 Micron Small Standard Flights
‍Shaft: Koi Carbon Shaft with Spring Ring-Inbetween Size
Point: Gold Steel Tip Dart Point-35mm
Material: 90% Tungsten
Thread: 2BA
Match Weighted: +/- 0.05 gm
Grip: Ring Grip
Balance: Centre Weighted
Coating: Red PCT with Black Rings

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