TK P1 Platinium – Late Bow – Hockey Stick


The late bow profile is designed to offer all round assistance to a 360 degree skillset, allowing the player to perform all aspects of game play well
Bow Peak : 24mm
Bow Position :235mm
Composition : 90% Carbon, 10% Aramid
Length : 37.5″

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INTEGRATED DAMPENING SYSTEM: Included in the handle within the structure of the stick is an enhanced piezoelectric fibre cell which converts vibration waves firstly to an electrical signal which is then dissipated as heat energy, all of which is undetectable to the player

NANO COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY : TK’s advancement into Multiwall Carbon Nano Tube architecture enhances the mechanical strength of the sticks composite structure utilising a strong Carbon to Carbon Covalent bond. This combines to produce extreme rigidity and durability during play. TK continues to excel in the field of Nano technology research and development, now intrinsic in the success of its competition class sticks.