TK S2 Synergy – Late Bow Plus – Hockey Stick


Groove helps the player maintain a central ball position across the playing area, giving even more assistance to close ball control, drag flicking and aerial passing
Bow Peak : 25mm
Groove depth : 3mm
Composition: 70% Carbon, 10% Aramid, 20% Glassfiber
Length : 36.5″

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CARBIDE DIFFUSED TECH : A revolutionary process that produces a carbide diffused stick head to offer enhanced resistance to abrasion.

SHEEPFOOT COMPRESSION MOULDING : High pressure is applied to the stick during the moulding process to provide enhanced stick strength.

NANO TECH : Enhances the mechanical strength of the stick to produce maximum stiffness.

CARBON STRAIGHT BAR REINFORCED : The carbon roving is aligned at the zero angle to produce a hyper rigid stick.