TK Total One SCX 1.0 Superstate – Hockey Stick


Aggressive and extreme placement of the bow offers the perfect shape for player looking to perfect 3D skills.
Narrow shaft profile and head shape offers the maximum assistance in aggressive playability
Bow Peak: 25mm
Bow Position : 200mm
Composition : 100% Carbon
Length : 37.5″

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TK HY-BRAID CARBON : A Carbon Braided sleeve applied over a structural core of Unidirectional Carbon to provided unparalleled power, performance and feel over standard Carbon Braided sticks with a non-structural core.

GRAPHENE MATRIX : A matrix system which includes a conventional epoxy resin along with a revolutionary material GRAPHENE, which provides high impact, flexural and tensile strength.

EPOFLEX : A modified rubber technology that enhances the bonding of the rubber with epoxy molecules to create a material that provides superior shock absorption.