TK Total One SCX 1.1 Innovate – Hockey Stick


The innovate profile is designed to offer all round assistance to a 360 degree skillset, allowing the player to perform all aspects of game play well
Bow Peak : 24mm
Bow Position :235mm
Composition : 100% Carbon
Length : 37.5

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TK HY-BRAID CARBON : A Carbon Braided sleeve applied over a structural core of Unidirectional Carbon to provided unparalleled power, performance and feel over standard Carbon Braided sticks with a non-structural core.

GRAPHENE MATRIX : A matrix system which includes a conventional epoxy resin along with a revolutionary material GRAPHENE, which provides high impact, flexural and tensile strength.

EPOFLEX : A modified rubber technology that enhances the bonding of the rubber with epoxy molecules to create a material that provides superior shock absorption.